Artem Taranenko

Artem Taranenko

псевдоним Artem Toproll
страна United States Of America
возраст 27
вес 86 kg | 190 lbs
высота 5’ 11” | 182 cm
оккупация ---
бицепс 15” | 38 cm
предплечье 13.4” | 34 cm
запястье 7.1” | 18 cm
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Preferred armwrestling technique(s): Toproll

Preferred hand: Good at both

When and how did you start armwrestling: In small ghetto town of Russia I found an Armwrestling class, and I’ve beat guys there that used to competing before, so that what made me start doing it.

Armwrestling record (best results):

AAA national champion at 70kg and top 3 at 75kg (pulled two classes same day)
Alabama / Maryland / Florida state champion
2015 Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge (ACAC) – 5th place at 154 lbs (watch video below)
Winner / participant of over 30 events.
Armwrestling projects: Toprollking Production YouTube channel. Also photography page on Facebook – Armfighter Foto/Toprollking Production. As well as instagrams: toprollking ; toprollking_photo

Armwrestling goal: Become an ultimate man.

Toughest match: Hook match with Zack Lee.

Toughest opponent(s): Roby Russel (watch video below).

Occupation: Painter.

What motivates you: I’m very unmotivated lazy bum lol.

Preferred armwrestler(s), someone who you really admire in armwrestling: Travis Bagent

Favorite quote / an idea that guides you in life: Can’t beat ’em, choke ’em.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now: Making living of Armwrestling YouTube videos.

Message to your fellow armwrestlers / pullers: Armwrestling is just two men’s holding hands. So never be mad about it.

Artem Taranenko at 2015 Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge (ACAC)

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Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill
Winner: 4 - 0
Artem Taranenko
Artem Taranenko
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Artem Taranenko
Artem Taranenko
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